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environment & archaeology was formed to assist our clients in addressing concerns over impacts to the natural and human environment. environment & archaeology consistently provides its clients with innovative studies and solutions necessary for environmentally sound progress in the increasingly complex arena of environmental legislation and regulation.

the company staff, equipment, and expertise to provide a full range of environmental services including:

•terrestrial and aquatic ecology, water quality
•wetland/stream ecology, delineation, assessment, mitigation, and monitoring •endangered species, wild and scenic rivers, and unique natural areas   
•national environmental policy act (nepa) related studies and documentation
  agency coordination
•environmental permitting including npdes stormwater, hydrostatic discharge, 
 and local, state and federal wetland and stream permits

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environment & archaeology’s staff has completed terrestrial and aquatic ecology, and water quality studies throughout the eastern united states, and in the caribbean and central america. clients have included state departments of transportation, the us forest service, the us army corps of engineers (usace), and many corporate and industrial clients including coal, gas, and electric utilities along with private developers. although the magnitude and scope of each project is different, environment & archaeology’s services typically include:

•consultation with state and federal agencies
•baseline floral and faunal studies
•environmental impact assessments
•permit preparation and acquisition assistance
•mitigation planning, implementation, and monitoring

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beginning with the clean water act in 1977, and continuing with other federal and state acts, executive orders, and policies, wetlands are receiving increasing levels of protection under the auspices of the usepa, usace, and state resource agencies. environment & archaeology assists our clients in the identification and delineation of wetlands for compliance with section 404 of the clean water act as well as individual state laws.

at environment & archaeology, our scientists are trained and experienced in a variety of wetland delineation, classification, and functional assessment techniques. environment & archaeology's staff has been used by federal and state agencies, developers, and private industry in numerous states for eis's, ea's, and section 404 permitting for transportation and utility corridors, wastewater treatment facilities, and commercial development. our wetland services include:

•wetland mapping and boundary delineations
•impact analysis
•permit assistance and preparation
•wetland reconnaissance surveys/pre-acquisition assessments
•agency coordination (u.s. army corps of engineers, epa, us
 fish and wildlife service, etc.)
•wetland mitigation development, implementation, and 
•flora and fauna baseline inventories and monitoring
•comprehensive stream restoration permitting, planning and

environment & archaeology utilizes the criteria and guidelines found in the corps of engineers wetlands delineation manual (environmental laboratory 1987) and the applicable regional supplements (u.s. army corps of engineers 2012). reports are prepared to meet the format requirements of the state in which the delineation occurs.

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environment & archaeology routinely coordinates with federal and state personnel concerning high-value natural resource elements. coordination normally includes section 7 (endangered species act) consultation, and identification of waterways, preserves and other areas of significant natural value. contacts typically include:

•us and state fish and wildlife services
•us department of agriculture
•us and state forest and park services
•state natural heritage programs

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environment & archaeology, has extensive experience in assisting our clients with complying with the national environmental policy act (nepa). our staff has prepared eiss and eas for major projects throughout the eastern united states including significant airport expansion projects requiring impacts to a variety of natural, cultural, and human impacts.

our staff have in- depth experience in conducting environmental impact studies for a variety of federal agencies including the us army corps of engineers, the federal aviation administration, the federal highway administration, the federal emergency management administration, the office of surface mining, and the us department of the army. environment & archaeology’s experience includes impacts to both terrestrial and aquatic environments.

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environment & archaeology has considerable experience in a variety of environmental permits. with today’s complicated environmental arena, in-depth knowledge of not only national, but state and local permitting requirements are essential. environment & archaeology has performed turn-key environmental permitting on projects throughout the eastern united states. permits ranged from section 401/404 clean water act permits to npdes stormwater and hydrostatic testwater discharge permits, local zoning and development permits, and state stream/floodway permits.

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