Jeffery W. Tingle

President, Program Manager

As President of Environment and Archaeology, LLC, Mr. Tingle is responsible for day-to-day management of company functions and senior project management of all multi-disciplinary projects. Mr. Tingle has performed environmental work in 36 states, Puerto Rico and Cost Rica. He is an accomplished Ecologist who has performed aquatic and terrestrial studies in habitats ranging from rain forests to the near-shore continental slope. Mr. Tingle has overseen more than 2,500 projects including wetland/stream delineations, permitting and mitigation; NPDES permitting; third-party environmental inspection; NEPA documentation; endangered species surveys; and all phases of the Section 106 process including negotiations of Memoranda of Agreement and Programmatic Agreements with State Historic Preservation Offices and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. Mr. Tingle’s Master’s Degree was awarded based on work he performed at Louisiana State University’s Laboratory for Wetland Soils and Sediments and the Center for Wetland Resources.

Joined Environment & Archaeology, LLC in 1997.

Sharon Brown

Vice President

Ms. Brown is a  Vice President at Environment & Archaeology, LLC where she has worked since April 2001. Ms. Brown’s primary responsibilities include proposal preparation, field survey coordination, client communications, environmental permit preparation, agency consultation/ coordination, EIS and EA production and support, FERC Section 7 Report preparation, as well as oversight of biotic studies including wetland delineations, stream assessments, and post-construction monitoring. Ms. Brown’s background includes over thirteen years of consulting experience in the Eastern, Southern, and Midwestern regions of the United States.

Joined Environment & Archaeology, LLC in 2001.

Christina Lovins

Vice President

Ms. Lovins is a Vice President at Environment & Archaeology, LLC with 20 years of experience in wetland delineation, erosion and sediment control and environmental permitting compliance. She began her career as a field biologist, advancing into a business role of senior project management, and thus can grasp an overall awareness of a project objective and its ramifications from the field to the reviewing agency’s office. Currently, her primary responsibilities include managing and conducting environmental permit preparation, agency consultation/coordination, site specific Erosion and Sediment Control Plan preparation, wetland and stream delineations, endangered species surveys, aquatic biology surveys, and teaming efforts for EIS and EA production. Each of the listed responsibilities have been implemented on hundreds of miles of linear corridors and hundreds of acres of private and commercial parcel developments. Ms. Lovins’ years in the consulting business have resulted in a well-rounded knowledge of our natural resources, effective management of those resources as coordinated with the jurisdicational agencies, and how to effectively navigate the permit processes to achieve the most mutually desirable end result for the applicant and the environment.

Ms. Lovins’ management responsibilities cater to the preparation of federal, state and local-level permits and clearances pertaining to 404/401 permitting, NPDES permitting, and state-level stream and wetland permitting. Her continuing project experience and professional training have established a strong foundation in permit knowledge and field capabilities.

Joined Environment & Archaeology, LLC in 1997.

Christina Kelly

Cultural Resources Program Manager

Ms. Kelly joined E&A in 2020. She received her B.A. from Northern Kentucky University and her M.A. from the University of Montana. Ms. Kelly is a member of the Register of Professional Archaeologists and meets the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Archaeology. With a career spanning more than 20 years, she has served as a Principal Investigator and Project Manager on a range of Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III investigations in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Utah, Nevada, California, Montana, Oregon, North Dakota, and Wyoming. These projects ranged in size from acre surveys to linear projects of several hundred miles. Her responsibilities have included Section 106 consultation, writing, editing, and contributing to numerous technical reports, writing research designs, treatment plans, and agreement documents, excavation of historic and prehistoric sites, and due diligence reviews. Her clients have included state transportation departments, federal agencies, oil and gas companies, and other private developers. 

Leslie Minda

Senior Project Manager

Kristen Clemens

Project Manager

Tyler Newman

Biologist/GIS Analyst

Cory Mattas


Ben Faull


Taylor Snelick


Luke Erickson, MA RPA

Archaeology Project Manager,
Principal Investigator

Vince Whitlatch

Senior Archaeological Field Director

Melissa Lavender

Lab Director

Courtney Stoll, MA, RPA

Principal Investigator/GIS Analyst

Michael Shaw

Field Director

Warren Brooks

Environmental Inspector,
Field Director

Doug Whitlatch

Environmental Inspector,
Field Director

Zach Poynter