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summary of services

amazoninfluencersgetpaidfor•terrestrial and aquatic ecology
•water quality
•wetland/stream ecology
    - delineation
    - assessment
          •qualitative habitat evaluation index and use assessment field sheet (qhei)
         • oepa’s primary headwater habitat
            evaluation form (hhei)
         • ohio rapid assessment method (oram)
   -  mitigation
   -  monitoring
   -  rare/threatened/endangered species
   -  wild and scenic rivers
   -  unique natural areas
•national environmental policy act (nepa) related studies and documentation
•agency coordination
•environmental permitting
    - npdes stormwater
     -hydrostatic discharge
    - local/state/federal wetland and stream permits


•archival research and historic deed research


•archival research and historic deed research
•statistical modeling for cultural resource probability in project areas
•research design and development
•field reconnaissance and testing
•project impact assessment
•agency coordination
•historic archaeology
•prehistoric archaeology
•historic architectural surveys and documentation •mitigation development and implementation •archaeological monitoring
•artifact analyses
•architectural analyses
•grave identification and relocation
•field surveys and report preparation at the phase i, •phase ii, and phase iii cultural resource levels
•national register eligibility assessment
•avoidance plans for national register sites
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