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environment & archaeology provides an extensive array of expertise for conducting archaeological and historical investigations. services include archival research, research design and development, testing strategy development, field reconnaissance and testing, report compilation and submission, project impact assessment, mitigation development and implementation, monitoring, viewshed analyses, and architectural analyses. the company, with a permanent staff of highly qualified specialists, provides cultural resource consulting services on a full-time basis.

knowledge of compliance regulations

since the 1960's numerous federal and state regulations for identification and preservation of historic, architectural, and archaeological resources have been enacted. environment & archaeology is thoroughly familiar with these laws and regulations. these include:

•national historic preservation act of 1966 (pl 89-665)
•national environmental policy act of 1969 (pl 91-190)
•executive order 11593 archaeological and historic preservation act of 1974 (pl 93-291)
•protection of historic and cultural properties (36 cfr 800)
•native american grave protection and repatriation act (nagpra)

our company compliance experience allows the past to be preserved, while assuring project development in a cost effective and timely manner

agency coordination

environment & archaeology’s regional experience allows a confident approach to projects over a wide geographic range including the caribbean. we are particularly experienced in the midwest and eastern united states. environment & archaeology's principal investigators have cordial working relationships with personnel from many federal and state agencies, including:

•state historic preservation offices
•federal energy regulatory commission
•federal aviation administration
•national register of historic places
•advisory council on historic preservation
•united states forest service
•federal highway administration

•federal highway administration

environment & archaeology’s archaeological and architectural history teams will mobilize quickly to meet the needs of your project and will complete its cultural resources surveys rapidly and efficiently. effective coordination among our staff, our clients, and regulatory agencies provides the option of site avoidance, while evaluating the potential for savings in time and expense. if avoidance is not feasible, our staff is trained in widely-accepted, cost-effective site testing methods. for sites eligible for the national register of historic places, environment & archaeology, can develop and implement a mitigation plan under urgent scheduling demands. our reports are prepared in order to gain project approval from federal and state agencies.